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Summer 2016: The List

I’m feeling ambitious, again. I realize summer time is usually not synonymous with ambition, but every summer I feel the urge to set out an audacious reading goal. The problem is that I have never actually made it through a single summer reading list, ever. Maybe that’s simply because my summer reading lists have been


Go On the Offensive

Last week I wrote a few words about spiritual discipline that is far too often overlooked: neglect. It’s not often talked about as a spiritual discipline, but it’s something that Christians must strategically embrace for the sake of their souls. But neglect is only part of the equation. You could say it’s the defensive posture


You Need Neglect

Something needs to be said, so I’m gonna say it. I am sorry. It’s been four weeks since my last post. My goal is to get at least one post up on the blog each week, but there are some weeks that just don’t allow for that. I want to write. I enjoy it. It’s


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David Lindell

David Lindell

David serves as the Campus Ministries Director and West Campus pastor at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri. He has theology degrees from Evangel University (BA) and Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM). David has written for Christianity Today and currently writes for James River Church’s blog. He is married to Becky and they have three children: Owen, Elliot, and Henley. You can follow him on Twitter @davidlindell