Enrichment’s Summer Cover

In June, Enrichment, a journal for pastors published by the Assemblies of God, released its Summer 2012 installment. The cover read “21st-Century Challenges to the Gospel” and then listed Islam, Atheism, Pluralism, Buddhism, Calvinism, Annihilationism and Eternal Security.Aside from that being a lot of –isms, it seemed to me that these topics were strange bedfellows (and I struggled to see how a few of them could be understood as challenges to the gospel in any sense… even after reading the editorial on pages 20, 21). The cover’s not-so-subtle inference was that these topics presented equally daunting challenges to the message and proclamation of the gospel. As you may imagine, the cover art stirred up plenty of discussion, which was undoubtedly helpful in many respects. That being said, I personally found the cover disheartening (knowing that cover art could undoubtedly serve to perpetuate misunderstanding instead of presenting a nuanced view regarding these issues of contemporary significance), so I was very encouraged to read this apology: http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/201203/statement_regarding_cover.cfm.

One of the great things about Enrichment, which I believe is a credit to its editor George P. Wood, is that it routinely provides articles written by first-rate scholars.  For this reason, the journal becomes a sort of continuing theological education for many pastors in ourfellowship, making the inferences of its artwork (on the cover or elsewhere) along with the content of its articles all the more important.


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