Joining the Group

I’ll be starting at University of Toronto just prior to the 2022-23 academic year and will be looking for graduate students with interests related to imaging, optics, signal processing, and machine learning to join my group. I’m also open to postdoc positions, especially if there’s a good fit. I’m excited to build up a friendly and collaborative group doing high-impact research in these areas.

Graduate Students
If you would like to join the group as a Master’s or PhD student, you can apply directly to the CS department. The site will open for applications in early October 2021 and the deadline is usually in December. You should list me by name in your application and explain how our research interests are well-aligned.

If you’d like more information about doing a PhD in Canada, here is a nice article written by a current student in the department.

Postdoc Positions
I will have limited spots for postdocs in the group, but I am certainly open to hiring postdocs if there’s an especially good fit. It’s helpful if I’m already aware of your work or you have a good track record of publishing in and around computational imaging, vision, or graphics. You should also be willing to apply for (or have obtained) a postdoc fellowship (I will also help you apply). Since I won’t start my position until July 2022, the earliest possible start date would be Fall 2022, but likely later.

If you believe we are a good fit, feel free to reach out via email with your CV, top publications, and a 1-2 year research agenda. Though please keep in mind that I likely won’t be able to commit to any hiring decision until much closer to when I start my position.

Email: lindell at stanford dot edu